Toad is tired of his small pond and wants to see the world. But traveling makes him hungry and so he needs to eat a lot. Let him catch as many insects, fruits and candy as possible to make his dream come true. But like in every big journey, there are obstacles to overcome so watch out for the bubbles, balloons and ponds.


  • Beautiful levels
  • Unique powerups and obstacles
  • 30 tricky goals to achieve
  • Intuitive controls (jump & run)
  • High resolution display support
  • Google Play Games support (Android only)
  • Keyboard and gamepad support (Windows 10 Desktop only)


  • Xbox 360 controller or compatible required to play with a gamepad (Windows 10 Desktop only)

Free version

  • In the free version you will be able to play the first 5 levels.


Download from Google Play   Download from Windows Store